Wednesday, December 8, 2010

good drugs, bad women

the snowdroppers - do the stomp

on saturday night my brother and i had the pleasure of seeing The Snowdroppers at the Barwon Heads Hotel.

while the venue on a whole is what i would refer to as a cultural experience (think bad school social, with a dash of schoolies mixed with dirty old men - sans the smoke machine) the band was amazing....

with a poetic mix of blues and country with a nod towards the american deep south, if you have not had a chance to check them out - trust me they are worth the google... if for nothing else than checking out the divine lead singer...

i am not really sure how my brother and i get ourselves into these situations, however the snowdroppers dirty lyrics and foot stomping sounds far out weighted any permanent scarring that the Barwon Heads hotel caused...

incase you are too lazy to google, here is do the stomp..

enjoy x

Saturday, December 4, 2010

if the shoe fits

continuing on with my love of shoes, i have been on the hunt this summer for the perfect heel..

ideally it would be high, slightly chunky, a little bit rock and roll, yet still pretty, go with every thing in my wardrobe and have a wooden heel - too much to ask?? apparently not, on thursday night my prayers were answered by sportsgirl..
i am now the owner of the perfect heel!

thank you sportsgirl for once again answering my shoe prayers.. x

sportsgirl - kristin clog heel = perfection!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

pump up the jam

jak & jil

jak & jil

5 inch and up

5 inch and up

they all hate us

jak & jil

jak & jil

while doing ahem 'research' today at work i read an article on a certain forecasting site proclaiming that pumps are back for SS11. being a massive lover of the glorious pump i felt a small part of my soul explode with excitement at the news... in celebration here are some of my favourite images. sighhh...