Tuesday, March 15, 2011

got kicks..

just before i went to Japan i decided that i was in desperate need of new shoes - well new shoes that could trek around the back streets of Harajuku.  

living in Australia most people complain that we are a season behind the rest of the world - but i say we have the advantage as we can seize trends by the horns and embrace the fringed kimonos before the rest of the world - hey think about it - it is actually winter here when the winter catwalks show.  also this gives us the added advantage of getting great bargins online as winter is on sale in the US when it is just opening here..

which brings me back to my shoes....  the above is the result of my first online shop (hard to believe considering i work in fashion), i would like to thanks Urban Outfitters for putting a dent in my savings and delivering these amazing and ever so practical ( flouro pink nikes go with everything yes?) kicks to my work.. i am currently living in the cherry suede heel hikers - online shopping = solid gold x

Saturday, March 5, 2011

we came to dance.

after weeks of banging on - yesterday was the day - the metal loving, punk hearting, ska worshiping day - soundwave.  the day to bring out your oldest most worn black band T, your 10 hole docs and tight jeans.  the day to worship to the alter of all things alternative and head smashingly awesome.

the highlight of the day for me was without a doubt The Mad Caddies playing Mary Melody - to quote my brother - you just lost your shit then.  followed by a very close second The Gaslight Anthem, although they did not play anything from my favourite cd - still amazing..  

the pics above are from the Gaslight's set - taken by my little bro, who has a slightly steadier hand than me when caught up the front in the smash of it. more slightly blurrier pics to come x

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

colour copy

images from 5 inch and up

with soundwave two days away i can't help lament the glory days when life was easier and i had coloured hair..  i have not had my hair cut in over 15 months, i can not decide whether this is due to wanting to grow it, shear laziness or the indecisiveness of what to do with it - anyway as a result i am dying for a change (pun always intended).