Sunday, February 27, 2011

big in japan

last week i had the pleasure of a quick three day trip to Tokyo for work, i had actually been in Brisbane for two days before flying out so i am feeling really confused about the what season it is - i went from 35 and thunderstorms in Brisbane to 1 and freezing when I landed in Tokyo - then fact that it was 30 in melbourne yesterday and I am back in tights and boots today is not really helping the fact.

i love the light in Japan, it is one of the first things that I notice when stepping out of Narita - the light in Brisbane is so bright with this yellow glow - while the light in Japan is almost grey, it is truly beautiful, like something out of an art house movie.

i have taken a few quick pics when i remembered - above is some of my favourite things - Shibuya crossing, Japanese sandwiches, Harajuku, small beautiful moments - such as birds on bike racks, the view from my hotel room..  Also note worthy is seeing Reid from Criminal Minds on a magazine - oh stop my beating heart..xx 

February Rain..

guns and roses - november rain

after being caught in the rain this morning at camberwell market i thought that a bit of gunners was only appropriate for this friday/sunday post... while i know that gunners themselves are not playing the epic solo by slash is enough to push it over the line in my book...

less than one week to go xx

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Queens of The Stone Age - No One Knows

Only two weeks now until I can confess my love to Josh... x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the beautiful people..

this post is dedicated to amazing shoes and even more amazing people... 

 i think i am truly blessed working in an industry that i love and being surrounded by accessories everyday as messy as my desk is..  don't get me wrong, like everyone i have rubbish days - how ever these rubbish days are made bearable by a beautiful few.

a massive, huge, over the top thank you needs to go out to two beautiful ladies - not only do you bring a lot of laughter to my day but you have also stolen my heart with the gift of these perfect shoes.... i have yet to take them off xx 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday ayyyyyyy

millencolin - penguins and polar bears

hora.. it is friday - just - i have finally got this post up on the right day..  ahhh this song reminds me of being young and free and not having to get up early for work.. enjoy your friday x

Thursday, February 10, 2011

pink with envy

anya hindmarch - music wallet via shopbop
jil sander - market leather bag via

miu miu - multi strap sandle via

mulberry - bayswater tote via

the stunning Sandra from 5 inch and up via stockholm street style

i am completely obsessed with pink at the moment - to the point that i think if i talk about how much i love the colour of the above jil sander bag one more time at work i will be banned from talking for all time.. x

Monday, February 7, 2011

clash mash

 images from

i am absolutely loving contrast prints, bright colours and anything that clashes at the moment.  anything neon - well actually anything remotely pink or yellow is a massive tick in my book.  

currently still yet to decide on how to get an injection of neon into my wardrobe without looking completely crazy - i am drawing inspiration from Cacharel SS11. divine clash mash minus the crazy - just amazing.. x

Sunday, February 6, 2011

hard core craft time

here is the result of my saturday night craft session...  i have kept the hide still raw and the hardwear to a minimum as i did not want the harness to be to hard or polished or look like it belongs in a S&M lair.. ha!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Herve Leger by Max Azria - images from

still inspired by SS11 I am spending my Saturday night with a little bit of a craft project - harness making..

my kitchen bench is currently covered in a massive black hide that I am in the process of slashing up..  I love working in leather, it is truly an amazing material, it can be soft and malleable or tuff and unforgiving.. when ever i work with leather it takes me back to my child hood and sneaking into my dad's garage and playing with his leather embossing tools...

the finished results of my project to be posted tomorrow until then here are some harness loving moments from Herve Leger Pre-Fall 11 - not sure if i will be teaming mine with bod con though x

History Repeating...

The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang

Ok - yes I have done it, for a third week in a row I am posting my so called Friday post on the weekend, soon I will give up and accept that Fridays are no good for me, maybe, possibly.. not likely. 

So here is the sublime The Gaslight Anthem..  I have loved them since my little brother gave me Sink or Swim for Xmas a few years back...  I now have only four weeks to go until I get to see them - ahhhh - and what a busy four weeks it will be with a wedding, 1st birthday, interstate and os trips and a camberwell market in between - but I would not have it any other way... xx